About Tinsel and Twirl

I am simply giddy that you are visiting Tinsel and Twirl! Some of you may know me as "Cupcake Julie" from my adventures with Bakerella on her blog. She nicknamed me Cupcake Julie because of my love of yummy sweets like cupcakes, candy, ice cream and of course Bakerella's very own cake pops! I must admit that I do like to nibble on all of those goodies but even more I like to decorate with them! Yep, I have glass jars of beautiful candy scattered all about my house and cake plates awaiting to hold the days latest baking adventure.

One day, as visions of sugarplums danced in my head, I realized what a Merry Christmas I could have decorating my home during the season with scrumptious sweets! All I had to do was to find such treats. For the last twenty years I have collected holiday goodies in candy colors to decorate my home with at Christmas. Now I am bringing my efforts to you! I hope this sweet collection of holiday decor brings a smile to your face and that you too might find the perfect piece for your home!